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Dry hiring excavators are a better solution to wet hiring

The decision to choose between dry hire and wet hire depends on the specific situation and requirements. In some cases, dry hire may be the better option for a growing business.

Dry hire refers to the practice of renting equipment or resources without any additional personnel or services, while wet hire involves hiring equipment with personnel or services included. Here are some reasons why dry hire might be considered better than wet hire in certain situations:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Dry hire can be more cost-effective compared to wet hire because you only pay for the equipment or resources and not the personnel or services. This can be beneficial if you have skilled personnel available to operate the equipment, or if you can source personnel more cost-effectively elsewhere.
  2. Flexibility: Dry hire provides you with greater flexibility to customize the equipment or resources to your specific requirements. You can choose the exact equipment you need and use it as required. This can be particularly useful if you have specific requirements or are working on a unique project.
  3. Control: With dry hire, you have complete control over the equipment or resources. You can manage the equipment and personnel, and make adjustments as required. This can be beneficial if you have specific workflows or processes in place that you need to follow.
  4. Familiarity: If you have your own skilled personnel who are familiar with the equipment or resources, dry hire may be a better option as they will already know how to operate and maintain it. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors or accidents.

Overall, dry hire can be a good option for those who have the skills and resources to operate the equipment and manage the project themselves.

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