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Skid Steer Profiler attachment

Profiler attachments are arguably the one piece of ground working equipment that takes the most punishment. These machines are designed to virtually tear up the road and that is exactly what our high-quality attachments do. Our durable range is suitable for a range of skid steer applications and is manufactured to the very highest specifications.

This state-of-the-art AC Profiler/Stabiliser is built with a John Deere/Cummins engine with 203hp. It has a working depth of up to 250mm and can run at 14/metres/minute at full depth, depending on road condition.

The drum housing is fully enclosed so that milled debris is contained at all depths. The AC Profiler/Stabiliser has easy access to picks for cleaning, is available in widths from 450mm to 1000mm and has optional stabiliser drum and water tank attachments.