Digga Augers For Hire

Digga drives come packed with a range of practical features like top mounted hose ports, cutting edge design, and a 2 piece shaft just to name a few.

Drilling tools designed specifically for use in the ground are known as earth augers, earth drills, or post-hole diggers. To cut or scrape the dirt, a post-hole digger commonly employs a revolving metal rod or pipe including one or more blades connected to its lower end. The average auger has depth specifications of roughly 3 feet, although extra depth can be achieved with the use of an extension rod.

The Digga Auger model comes with an innovative design that allows the gearbox to go down the hole to maximise drilling depth without extensions, eliminating downtime and minimising maintenance, optimising your returns. Digga planetary auger drives are fitted with Digga / Eaton bell motors specially designed for drilling and augering in most ground conditions.

  • Earth & Hard Ground “Rock Teeth” Available
  • Auger sizes from 150mm to 1200mm
  • Does not require a case drain
  • Units available that suit excavators 1 to 45 tonne