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Austramac Rock Saw

A Hydraulic Rock Saw attachment is the most efficient rock cutting solution used on bulk and detailed excavations. Ideal for cutting any type of rock at great speed. If fitted with special blades can also be used to cut reinforced concrete and timber.

The Five models stocked cover the whole range of excavators from 1 to 35 tonne.

  • Flashcut 1000RM – Suit 1 to 4 Tonne
  • Flashcut 1200RM & 1400RM – Suit 5 to 8 Tonne
  • Flashcut 1800RM – Suit 14 to 20 Tonne
  • Flashcut 2200RM – Suit 25 – 35 Tonne

Hydraulic rock saws are commonly used for excavating pools, trenches, footings, kerbs and roads. Cutting any type of rock, reinforced concrete or asphalt. Easy to use, low maintenance, reasonable costs and excellent productivity makes this attachment a useful tool to any excavation contractor.

  • Diamond tipped blade for cutting sandstone, reinforced concrete, granite, limestone, hard limestone and others.
  • Interchangeable pickups.
  • 360° rotatable stand to provide easy change of blade position for left and right cut.
  • State of the art technologically advanced motor & transmission.
  • 360° Rotating mudguard for easy manoeuvrability & maximum protection.

Blade sizes vary allowing for cutting depths ranging from 400mm to 1200mm in both Sandstone & Concrete.

The hammers available today boast some of the latest technologies available making projects and life easy for contractors alike.

Some technologies include:

  • Self-lubricating systems
  • Sound & vibration damped systems
  • IPS systems
  • Water spraying systems
  • Automatic rock hardness adjusting systems
  • Energy recovery
  • Solid body concept
  • Dust protection
  • HATCON recording modules

To hear more about how you can hire a hammer to boost your business’s productivity, contact us today.