How to measure excavator pickup dimensions correctly

When you’re ordering a hire attachment for your excavator, it’s very important that you supply the correct excavator pickup measurements. If these measurements are incorrect, the attachment will not fit your machine, which will surely impact your deadline.

For this reason, we will always have the customer confirm the pickup measurement prior to setting up any attachment. The machine hitch measurements can be confirmed by following the basic guide listed below & all you will need is a tape measure.  

Measurements should be given in millimetres for all required dimensions, the make & model of the machine should also be supplied at the same time.



A: Front pin diameter

B: Rear pin diameter (In most cases A&B will be the same diameter)

C: Distance between pin centres (Centre of front pin to centre of rear pin)

D: Measurement between front ears (Inside of boss to inside of boss)

E: Measurement between rear ears (In most cases D&E will be the same distance)


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