Its Hammer Time!

At AHS Hire, we don’t just do hammers, we live them! We pride ourselves on supplying and supporting only the best, suiting machines from 1.7 through to 120 tonnes. But unlike MC Hammer, you can in fact touch these! Whether you’re looking to find a hammer to hire on its own or coupled with an excavator, we can be your one stop shop.





Hydraulic Breakers / Hammers were the first hydraulic attachment manufactured for carriers. The first hammer ever manufactured in 1967 was designed by German company Krupp, which is now known as Atlas Copco / Epiroc. Rock breakers were designed to break any kind of rock or concrete with ease. Today, they are an important tool used by millions, across many industries around the world.

Australian Hammer Supplies Hire are a proud dealer of the Epiroc and Toku brands. Epiroc is a global leader in the hydraulic attachment space and a leader in technology and innovation.

Toku is a Kubota backed hydraulic hammer and has a proven track record of superior reliability and performance.

The hammers available today boast some of the latest technologies available making projects and life easy for contractors alike.

Some technologies include:

  • Self-lubricating systems
  • Sound & vibration damped systems
  • IPS systems
  • Water spraying systems
  • Automatic rock hardness adjusting systems
  • Energy recovery
  • Solid body concept
  • Dust protection
  • HATCON recording modules

To hear more about how you can hire a hammer to boost your business’s productivity, contact us today.





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