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Why choose Kubota rental?

Don’t take our word for it, view for yourself the numbers and details behind both Australia’s and most popular excavator and track loader.

Kubota excavators are renowned worldwide for their reliability, durability and outstanding performance. With a range of excavators starting from 3.5 to 8 tonnes, Australian Hammer Supplies Hire along with Kubota offers the most comprehensive range includes both conventional swing and zero turn models. Proving themselves time and time again in the toughest of conditions, Kubota is the name behind Australia’s most trusted range of mini excavators.

KX series

Kubota’s formidable KX series features conventional swing excavators ranging from 5 – 8.2 tonnes. Responding to the needs of the customer and through continued innovation and development, the Kubota KX series are amongst the toughest excavators available on the market today. Delivering superior performance and luxury comfort, the Kubota KX series has an excavator to meet every operators needs.

U series

The Kubota U series represents the most extensive lineup of sub 5 tonne, zero tail swing excavators available in today’s market. Offering unmatched 360 degree manoeuvrability, the Kubota U Series feature 1.7 to 5.6 tonne zero turn excavators to meet every operators needs. Designed and built from the ground up, the Kubota U series offers best in class breakout performance, superior comfort and all round versatility.


Kubota’s next generation of compact track loaders set the standard in unbeatable performance and productivity. Gaining attention for their exceptional lifting capacity and bucket breakout force, Kubota’s compact track loaders are engineered to handle the toughest of jobs in the harshest of conditions.

To experience the Kubota difference today, get in touch with our team at Australian Hammer Supplies Hire.

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