Kato Excavators

For over a century, KATO has been continuing to develop a variety of machines to meet the needs of the construction industry.

Kato Excavators are heavy equipment used in an earthmoving job such as demolition, land clearing, trenching and more.

Over the years, the KATO brand has won customers' trust worldwide as a technology-oriented manufacturer with a wealth of experience and a solid track record.  The 14T (HD514MR) reduced tail swing model is filled with all the safety features required on any tier 1 project & is coupled with the power & reliability of a tried & tested brand.

Hammer Hire is the leading supplier of quality excavator attachments in Australia and now has increased our fleet of equipment to include excavators that range from 1.7T right up to 45T. We guarantee that all our excavators are top quality and serviced regularly to meet our clients needs.