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Why You Should Hire an Excavator Breaker instead of Buying One.

Hiring an excavator breaker instead of purchasing one can offer several advantages, depending on your specific needs and circumstances

Why dry hire is better than wet hire.

The decision to choose between dry hire and wet hire depends on the specific situation and requirements.

Why you should hire an excavator, not buy.

Deciding whether to hire an excavator or buy one depends on several factors, such as the frequency of use, the size of the project, and the availability of funds. However, here are some reasons why hiring an excavator might be a better choice:

Reasons that it is smart to hire in today’s unstable market

When you’re ordering a hire attachment for your excavator, it’s very important that you supply the correct excavator pickup measurements.

NEW Cat Excavator

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new CAT Excavator, now available for dry hire.

Auger tips - How to Remove Spoil from Your Auger

The best way to remove spoil from your auger is to use a forward, stop, forward, stop control pattern until all the spoil is totally removed.

Auger tips: drilling in clay

When you’re drilling in clay it can be difficult to remove the spoil off of the auger.

New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. This new website also introduces a cleaner QR experience.

On-site crushing and screening made easy

Whether it is a single house knockdown, or a large-scale demolition, one of the biggest hurdles in the civil and demolition industry is what to do with the waste brick, concrete and asphalt. The best answer where possible is to re-use the materials on site.

Kubota machines

Don’t take our word for it, view for yourself the numbers and details behind both Australia’s and most popular excavator and track loader.

Digga Auger – Which Auger for what ground conditions

When drilling in different ground conditions you need the right speed and the right cutting system on the auger to suit the different ground conditions.

Big Boys Toys

Do you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible reliability whilst achieving the best productivity out of your excavator for your project?

Auger tips - Drilling in rock

Are you having trouble drilling in hard rock? We can help you out with some tips to make your job easier and more efficient!

Skid Steer Profiler attachment

Profiler attachments are arguably the one piece of ground working equipment that takes the most punishment.

Auger tips - the importance of vertical alignment when drilling.

Having trouble drilling? The correct vertical alignment of your auger into the ground is essential to ensure efficient & effective drilling with your excavator.

Track Loaders

Kubota’s next generation of compact track loaders set the standard in unbeatable performance and productivity. Gaining attention for their exceptional lifting capacity and bucket breakout force.

How to measure excavator pickup dimensions correctly

When you’re ordering a hire attachment for your excavator, it’s very important that you supply the correct excavator pickup measurements.


Australian Hammer Supplies Hire (AHSH) might be run by a relatively small team, but when it comes to both the range and size of the earthmoving equipment, they have available for dry hire there’s nothing small about it.

New range of Caterpillar Excavators available for Dry Hire

Australian Hammer Supplies Hire are excited to introduce a brand new range of 2020 - 2021 CAT Excavators available for dry hire.

QR System

Did you know about our QR code system? Simply scan the QR code on your hired equipment to access manuals and more.

Its Hammer Time!

At AHS Hire, we don’t just do hammers, we live them! We pride ourselves on supplying and supporting only the best, suiting machines from 1.7 through to 120 tonnes.

Austramac Rock Saw

A Hydraulic Rock Saw attachment is the most efficient rock cutting solution used on bulk and detailed excavations.